About The 1 Million Project

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Sprint created the 1 million project with the mission to help 1 million high school students who do not have reliable Internet access at home reach their full potential by giving them mobile devices and free high-speed Internet access.

70% of America’s school teachers assign homework online, but more than 5 million families with school-aged children don’t have home Internet connectivity. This is more than a Homework Gap – it’s an opportunity gap.


The demand from high schools to participate in the program has been tremendous, leaving the 1 Million Project to rely heavily on outside sponsors to help fund the program.

We have made it our goal to help support the Sprint Foundation expand their mission by taking on the burden of fully funding one school in our city.  This will allow the 1 million project to allocate funds to another High school in need of assistance across the country.

Together, with the help of local partners in our city we have created Music for advancement, A benefit concert series which will help raise money for the program. All of the proceeds from our concerts will go to New Brunswick High School our sponsored institution, starting September 2020.

With the money raised The Sprint Foundation will provide the following:

  • Free mobile hotspot with 4GB per month of free high-speed LTE data.
  • Wireless service for up to four years while still in a participating high school.


Most students who grow up in economically disadvantaged areas often do not have access to the resources necessary to work towards achieving their dreams. Our mission is to motivate and encourage students by proving them with necessary tools to further their achievements. We believe that, with the right support, any individual can attain educational success.


 Encouraging the youth can be difficult, that’s why creating a vision is so important. Sometimes you need more then tools to motivate, you need to show where it all starts. Not only will we be supplying students with free high speed internet access we will be taking it a step further by providing them with a tour of the local State University where they can see what higher education actually looks like.

Allocating Funds