Hub City open run was established in 2018 to give the community a safe place to play competitive indoor basketball. A vibrant recreation center can have a stabilizing effect on the lives of young people. By providing safe and adequately equipped spaces for physical activities community centers instill discipline, healthy exercise habits, and teamwork. Ensuring community youth have a healthy outlet for their creativity and energy is an important step towards long-term community improvement.

Over the years we have cultivated an amazing community of basketball lovers who play hard every night and respect the game. Every time you come to a Hub City Open Run session, you are guaranteed to have a good run, a killer workout and to spend time with a great group of players. We provide the same facilities and perks that you can find in any high priced professional league absolutely free.

About Hub City Open Run


Location: TBD
When: Every Monday starting September  10th
Team/ Player registration:
Online: by 7:30 pm (Game day)
In Person: 7:00 pm-7:45 pm (Strict)
Warmups: 7:00 pm-7:45 pm
First Game: 8:00 pm

5 v 5

The league encourages individuals to come with a set team of 5 players. Any individuals who do not have a registered team of 5 will be placed in a free agent pool. The pool is based off a first come first serve basis in increments of 5.

* Players in free agent pool run the risk of not playing if there is an odd number of total players. For example, if 8 players are listed in the free agent pool only the first 5 will be allocated into a team unless the pool reaches ten before official start time.


Each game will be officiated by two referees. Officials have the authority to call both technical and flagrant fouls. Fouls/ violations can only be overturned during a conference by both referees. Arguing is prohibited.


Each contest will be structured as a double elimination tournament. Teams can only be eliminated with two loses, the first two teams to reach 2 wins will clinch a finals birth. Win margins will determine seeding tie breakers during the tournament. The finals will consist of one game which will crown the weekly champion.


Nothing beats a competitive, intense game of pickup basketball. To keep the energy high in the gym we are providing both music and digital media during each tournament. Smile for the camera..

About Hub City Open Run

Players must be 16 & over
All players must sign a waiver form

Straight up. All Baskets count as 1.
Regualr games to 7, Championship game to 13

Winner stays.
Dynasties may be subject to roster realignment.

No fighting.
Any altercation, physical or verbal, will result in an automatic ejection

No food.
Water and sports drinks are OK.

Arrive on time.
Strict times are set for registration and gametime. Teams can be given a loss for ariving late.

Respect the facilities.
No smoking; keep to the gym; be mindful of trash

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